When I started my new career selling electrical and automation supplies I knew nothing about 

those products.  If I needed an electrical solution, I called Gerard Dykstra.  I knew sales though.  Product is product.  You just need to learn the product.  So, there I was, responsible for a group of customers, and I was their solution specialist.  The good thing was, I had a huge team of specialists for all the intricacies provided by our 700 suppliers.  I didn't need to know everything.  I just needed to know who to call.

I did however, need to know the basics, and even that was a learning curve so steep I thought I would fall off.  My brain was taxed so heavily with cramming in new information every day, that I craved a nap by about 1:00.  No, I wasn't bored.  My brain really needed the time to sort out and store the information.  

Fast forward to today with my return to the financial industry - I'm back on the learning curve.  Again, I represent many companies with many financial products and solutions for individuals and companies - it is almost overwhelming.  I know the basics but things have changed and updated while I was off galivanting in the automation world.

It is exciting!  I actually wake up in the morning excited to learn again.  I like that feeling.  Mary Kay Ash (founder of personal care giant Mary Kay Cosmetics) used to say "When you're green, you're growing; when you're ripe, you're rotten."  She too, was totally jazzed by learning.  She knew that while feeling green and learning, the sales team would be engaged in their lives in a more energized way than those who feel like they know everything they need to know.

If you're feeling like you're coasting, you probably are in the "ripe" phase.  Find something new to learn!  You don't necessarily need to go back to school, but pick up a publication that teaches you how to do something you're interested in.  Challenge yourself to grow.  It may be knitting, renovating, or a new language.  Creating excitement doesn't need to be expensive - we just need to be learning.

Learning, learning, learning...


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