I love flying down the hill on my bicycle; Jim loves the challenge of the climb.  "Hills are our friends", he says.  

When we went cycling in Tuscany in 2012 we were either climbing, enjoying descent or staring at the next hill.  These hills are wicked too - they're part of the world class cycling races with Montalcino being a major challenge in the Giroabout 564 metres (1,850 ft).  Conquered that!

But I digress...  

The point I want to make is that while the view from the top is stunningly beautiful, it’s the contrast that creates the beauty.  Without the valley there would truly be no hill or mountain.  Without such great altitude there would be no view of the valley, or of the next mountainside. 

Hills truly do make us stronger as we must micro-tear muscle in order to build muscle. 

A life with no challenge is absolutely boring.  The excitement of overcoming obstacles is wonderful.  The delight I felt when I actually got to the top of Montalcino was almost better than the view – and trust me, it was an amazing view!

Challenge yourself to find a mountain worthy of your climb, and then climb it. The secret is to not tackle it all at once without preparation…and that, my dear friend, is another memo. 

See you next time!


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