Have you ever been in an opinion showdown with someone?  

I have been reminded lately that 'knowledge' is interesting and isn't always what we initially believe.

1. There are things that you KNOW you KNOW.  You know your name, where you live, how to do what you do...

2. There are things that you KNOW you DON'T KNOW. You understand you don't know what a rocket scientist does, or a tax accountant, or a retinal surgeon, etcetera (unless you hold that career).

3. There are things that you DON'T KNOW you DON'T KNOW.  You have your wealth of knowledge and experience, but it isn't the same as everyone else's.  That's one of the things that makes the world an interesting place.  Someone else will come to the conversation with a background of knowledge different than yours.   You may not see what happens behind the scenes in their job - maybe they make what they do look easy.  Perhaps they've had a powerful experience which has shaped their ideas.  Be cautious with your assumptions.  

It behooves us to keep an open mind.  Rather than taking everything at what we believe to be 'face value', don't dismiss someone else's action, opinion or response until you try to put yourself in their position.  Perhaps there is more to the situation than meets the eye.

Often the best way to diffuse the situation is to take time to consider both sides.  Leave your defensive emotions aside and 'be' the other person to see if you can discover something you perhaps didn't know you didn't know.



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