I heard US President Barack Obama on CNN today.  He was at an event honouring American heroes who had gone unrecognized for years 

even though their acts of valour left me speechless with respect. 

These amazing, unsung heroes were (if still living) unseen. Their neighbours would probably be surprised to see them on tv. One fellow never did mention it to his neighbours.  He was just the nice guy next door who cut their lawns. 

They had been ignored and overlooked strictly due to race. Obama acknowledged how poorly this had been handled and how their government wanted to make it right - even though it is many, many years later.

In similar fashion, we have all made snap judgements about people's value,  based on their race, skin colour, or how they worship.  We would never want others to do that to us!

What if we all made a pact to enter each conversation and interaction, believing the other person is intelligent and equal?

What if?

Just for fun, let's try it for a generation or two and see what happens.





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