Remember WAY back, we discussed the post goal achievement blues?  One strategy to beat those is to always be reaching for a goal.  

Before you reach your current goal, be setting the next one, so that the first goal achievement acts like a springboard toward the next.

When I started this series of "100 Life Memos", reaching 100 positive expressions of self seemed outrageous to me.  To come up with a new positive thought 5 days each week for 20 weeks was daunting.  I'm surprised by how much I look forward to writing, and how much I seek out positive tid-bits to share and sometimes expand upon.

Now that I'm at the point of reaching 100 this week, I'm wondering where I should take this now.  

  1. I could remove all the memo numbers and just keep writing.
  2. I could create some categories and work on building each of those.
  3. I could stop.  Nah!

I guess we'll have to see.  Stay tuned...






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