If you've learned how to do something well, why not share that with others?  Share your wisdom.  Experience is the best teacher, they say, but when we 

share our experience and lead by example, we can help to vault the student to the next level.

Many of us have spent a lot of time on life’s learning curve.  The exhilarating feeling of conquering a challenge is wonderful.  Still, it can be a painful and lonely place at times when we struggle to understand new concepts and techniques without a mentor.  Often I have asked for help and been given confusing written instruction which has simply left me continuing to struggle.  Sometimes, a caring person will take a few minutes (saving me hours) to share their knowledge and kindly, easily assist me over what feels like a huge hurdle.

Why not share what you know?  Someone else probably just needs to wrap their head around a new concept.

“It’s not my job” mentality, is a shining example of working from a “Me not We” mentality.  Taking a few minutes to help someone, whether you feel it’s your job or not, makes the world a less stressful place, and we can all progress faster together.   Often, in sharing our knowledge with another, we discover how much we really do know. 

Let’s grow together.



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