I was painfully shy as a child.  My shyness and massive insecurity took many years to abate.   I think that insecurity explains many of the poor 

decisions in my life. I simply didn't believe I was as good as others or as deserving of good things. 

Learning in front of others was awful.  I was so shy in tennis lessons that I really couldn't focus or give it my best. I hated when I had to speak in class. Conversation and class participation would stop completely - because my answers were so idiotic - (actually, they were all probably in shock that the mute kid spoke up) - it was awful.  I made my father find a spot on the lake where I couldn't see a soul before I would attempt to learn to waterski. 

I'm still half introvert; half extrovert, but not nearly so awkward in public.  With the help of a grade 13 teacher who supported my class participation, I learned to have the courage to speak.  I forced myself to ask questions in university classes of 500+ students.  I didn't want to be so shy and I knew I was the only one who could make that change. 

People who know me today have a tough time seeing me as shy.  I love public speaking and will try almost anything so I can say I did it. 

Determination and courage.  And then a bunch more of both. 



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