Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try.  Yesterday I was locked out from publishing my daily positive memo.  I couldn't even read memos on the site!

  Could you?   Being not very savvy about these things I didn't have a clue what to do.  Sometimes the internet does things that I just can't wrap my head around.

I took it as a sign that my focus was meant to be elsewhere yesterday while I let someone else look after resolving the issue.  My awesome computer guru, Erich, had the problem solved quite quickly - apparently he has a grasp of these things.

Life is like that.  Sometimes we just can't do what we want to do.  There are times where it's beneficial to look for other routes to achieve our goals, sometimes we just need to ask for help or take a break, and sometimes we simply need to take the hint and change direction.  If you're facing a locked door, take a few steps back, slowly take a deep breath and evaluate the situation.  Is persistence the answer, or is there another direction that would be better for you?  

always seeking


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