Who else would you be if not you?  Surely there isn't anyone you could be better at being than you.  Besides, who could be you better than you?  

Whew! That was a brain teaser to write!

Authenticity is comfortable and powerful.  When you know who you are and you choose to be comfortable with that, you will shine as you.  When you know who you are and you pretend to be otherwise, the inner conflict causes internal stress and outward incongruity.

I don't mean, don't act confident in an interview where you're probably nervous.  Sometimes you need to step into a new comfort zone to get where you're going.  What I mean is, don't toss the real you to the wind in order to pretend you're wealthy, poor, educated, street smart, sophisticated or trash, especially if you're doing so to step down and fit in or to elevate yourself above others.  

You have a purpose here, and if you're busy trying to be someone you're not, the world will miss your true presence and purpose.  All you have been through; all you will go through, will provide you with insights and resources unique to you.  Your history may be an incredibly impactful compilation of experience which can be used to create a lifting point for others.  

What is your story?  Who are you?  What have you been through?  What can you do with your life to lift the lives of others?  Maybe it's as simple as being able to genuinely and warmly smile at everyone - because you know everyone has their story too, and that when you take away the social lines of colour, race, creed, social status, education, and physical beauty, we're all made the same.  We are all born, live, laugh, cry, love, and we will all one day die.

The best way to make your days on this earth impactful is to be you.  Love your life for the good it has given you.  Challenge the challenges it has given you.  Share the best and conquer the rest.

Glad you're here,





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