So, this is me...

I'm Ben's loving mom.  I'm Jim's adoring wife.  I'm step-mom to Ali and Sam, two delightful people who welcomed me into their lives.  I'm the child of two wonderful parents, and the sister of two amazing brothers. 

 I'm sister in law to two women I would be delighted to choose as my sisters.  I'm an aunt a friend, a neighbour, and a world citizen.

I have come from a loving home, where I often felt over-protected.  I was bullied at school, and fought many years to get my self-esteem back.  I married someone I thought was wonderful.  In many was he was.  In many ways he wasn't.  I lost my sense of self. I struggled.  I gained weight.  I left.  We divorced.  He died.  Suicide.  I raised my son as an only parent.  I love him with a strength you couldn't begin to describe.  I've done some things right and I'd love to do much of those years differently.  Rather than living in the past, I recognize where I have come from and the strength those experiences have given me for moving forward.  I live.  I laugh.  I love.

I've always strived to be positive.  I have always loved to encourage other people and to find the best in them to bring to the sunshine.  I love to lift people up with a smile, letting them in when traffic is busy, holding the door or sending a card to say thank you.  

I sell personal insurance as an independent insurance advisor: life, critical illness, travel, disability, long-term care... anything that looks after people.  Funny how much we're willing to insure our "stuff" for, but we forget that if we're sick, our biggest asset is off the payroll.  The bills will still come in, but the income might be in serious jeopardy.  Why do I choose this profession?  Because I truly care about people - I don't want them to struggle as I did.  I don't want them to struggle as my friends did during times of critical illness.  

For years I was an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay.  (I'm still a Consultant.  I simply love the products and the company.)  I like helping women to conquer skin concerns. I was the pimply faced kid with braces until I started using MK.  It didn't make the braces come off, but it sure helped deal with the oil on my face.  I love the positive environment of the company - the pink bubble we call it.  I loved encouraging women to be their best in helping other women to feel and look their best. 

My mission is simply to be a loving, positive, motivating force in people's lives.  I simply love being immersed in the positive feelings of the world.  There's enough negative out there.  I choose (as much as possible) to be the positive smile, the positive voice, the positive attitude and the positive memo to others.

That's me.  Who are you?  What's your mission?


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