This morning I saw a news headline about an app that allows you to take a selfie, then adjust your look so you are pounds lighter.  Whaaaaaat???


Having a glimpse of what you'll look like with new makeup, and a new hairdo through the Mary Kay app is helpful to see before and after.  I think that saves money on a non-flattering hairstyle.  Awesome!   Doing the same with a picture using this new selfie app may be a 'before-and-after' motivator to lose weight, but I suspect it will do more harm than good.  

Last night on TV, some famous women were profiled with extremely and dangerously thin bodies. With breast implants on full, they could rival Barbie for an extreme figure.   Add in the billboard and magazine models who are airbrushed and photographically reconstructed, and we are given impossible ideals to strive for. 

Frankly, I want to be fit and trim again, but I never want to do anything that extreme to my body. That simply isn't healthy; in fact it can kill you.  My self-esteem is fairly well intact now that I'm in my 50s, but what of the young women with poor self-image?  How many suffer eating disorders already?

The ideal is so strongly impacting our society, that I suspect men and women alike will post adjusted pictures of themselves on dating sites, beginning their intended relationships with dishonesty.  

Your partner needs to love you for who you are.  You need to love you for who you are.  If you feel overweight, get out there and do something about it. Can't afford a bike or a gym membership? Start with power walks every day, and a short workout at home. The internet is full of exercise gurus and there are apps on your phone to encourage and guide you, and to track your distance outdoors.  Buddy up with someone else who is striving for better living. 

Do it to feel better and to be healthier.   Let's focus on healthy instead of skinny. 

Lace up!  Let's get healthy!



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