Do you ever feel overwhelmed and under-motivated?  I sure do sometimes.  Today is an excellent example.  Actually, yesterday was too. 

 There's so much going on - so many priorities.  I feel pulled in all directions and inefficient.

This morning I made a list of what I consider to be high priority to get done today.  There isn't any way I can realistically get it all done.  Overwhelmed again!  Okay, so then I broke it down.  I made a secondary list of what needs to be done while I'm out.  That way I can plan an effective route.  I went back to my list and colour coded phone calls, emails and other high priorities.  I discovered I can delay a few things until tomorrow.  They're urgent, but can wait 24 hours.

I can breathe a bit better now.  Sometimes that's the answer to overwhelm.  It doesn't make the heap of stuff to do any less of a heap, but it helps me to get my priorities straight.  You can eat an elephant one bite at a time.  You can move a mountain one shovel full at a time.  I can certainly conquer all that I need to do.  It won't all get done today, this week, or even this year.

I guess that's the thing about a long term vision - there's much to do to get there.  If I break it down to bite-sized pieces I can keep it more in perspective and feel like I'm making progress as I cross things off my list each day.



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