Sometimes things just don't go your way: A deal falls through, your application is turned down, a relationship falls apart...

I've heard about all three of those this week - all with people I care about.  So, what do you do when a door firmly closes, and it feels like it has slammed in your face?  It hurts!  

I too have experienced what I've felt to be more than my share of these challenges.  I've felt thwarted, rejected, frustrated and discouraged.  My world would grind to a halt with each one.  Sometimes, everything feels very dark and heavy.  Each time, reality forces us to pause, reflect and regroup.  

The solution to the situation can take many forms.  Sometimes there is another path to climb the perceived mountain.  Often those routes can look completely different than our original intended path.  Accepting the change often means shifting our expectation, and being okay with the change in order to proceed happily and effectively.  It can be a challenge to let go of our original expectation, but the results can be spectacular.  

Letting go (when necessary) can be as powerful as holding on.  I don't mean let go and give up.  When we let go of our expectations and allow ourselves to open up to new ideas and new paths, we meet new people, new concepts, and we open ourselves up to new views we never dreamed possible.  Sometimes the new way is even better than the original plan.

Wowee!  What's around your next corner?

Let peek!


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