Have you ever felt comfortable following the crowd but had a sense of feeling unfulfilled?  It's a feeling that you're missing something.  You might just be!

I saw this "right-left quote" today along with a quote from Albert Einstein, suggesting that going along with everyone in the crowd may be the simple way to proceed, but if you "go left" you may discover the unseen because you chose your own path.

When we're on our own path, we have the chance to see everything and everyone with only our own filters.  There isn't anyone else to say "that won't work", or "look over here", distracting us from seeing something new.

There are certainly times where being with the crowd is comforting or even necessary, but when you want to discover something new, take time to explore alone.  Meditate.  Research.  Block out the voices of the crowd and let new ideas in.

Ahhhhh, fresh air!



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