Personal growth happens when we step outside our comfort zone.  How do you recognize where those growth opportunities are?  Sometimes we're forced to see them,

 but what if we could see them and intentionally choose when to step outside the lines?

We limit ourselves by how we define ourselves.  When we feel insecure about our looks or abilities, it is much tougher to boldly stride into the arena that challenges us.  

What then are we to do to expand the definition box we hold ourselves in?

We can start by not degrading ourselves.  When things go wrong I catch myself berating myself in ways I would never say to anyone else.  Name calling is destructive, whether in a bullying situation, quarrels with our loved ones or in talking to one’s self.  When that happens, I encourage you to find a mirror and apologize to yourself.  Truly.

Encouraging each other is wonderful, but how about if you encourage yourself?  Have you ever taken time to give yourself some interior applause for doing something well?  Give yourself a "Yay me!" when you feel you've had a growth moment.  Do a little happy dance.  It's good to celebrate our own success as much as anyone else's.

Take a moment to examine what you feel are your areas of weakness.  Where are you personally uncomfortable?  What are some baby steps you can take to strengthen yourself in those areas?  If you’re not sure, ask someone you trust who will support you in your quest for growth.  Be gentle with yourself.  Growth is not often comfortable.  Like getting into shape, there are muscles that need to be strengthened a little bit at a time.  It’s not as easy as other people make it look, but it sure is worth it.  YOU are worth it.

Re-brand yourself.  Get a bigger box with happier labels.  It will make all the difference to your life.

Keep growing





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