When I was young, I remember someone reading me some writing about people who fall under the Libra sign.  One statement sticks out in my mind: "Hates a schedule, but needs one." 

Much as I think horoscope summaries are often generic, this particular statement is incredibly true for me.  Maybe it is for you too.  Here's how to cope:

1.     Get and stay organized.  Create a place for everything and put everything in its place.  It takes a few moments to put things away so you can find them again.  When I step outside of this I lose things.  I'm currently searching for: the adapter for my earpiece, my earpiece (and no, they're not together), some pre-paid gas cards, 3 lottery tickets (I'm sure they were winners), some free time, and my mind!

2.     Make a list of the things you want to achieve in the next year, and then break it down into quarters, then months.  This year I want to help 100 people clarify their retirement plans and personal insurances.  I also need to finish a course by October.  I want to get off the "injured" list and run a half-marathon and maybe a triathlon before winter, and be ready for a marathon next year.   Those are biggies.  All of them will take organization to complete.  I'm putting together a one year plan, then a 30-60-90 day plan to get me immediately on track for success.

3.     Make a list of the things you must accomplish every day.  Laugh at how much you think you and your clone need to get done, and then prioritize and schedule priorities in.  Some things will need to wait for another day.

4.     Create an everyday schedule of things you need to get done - include everything that must get done, like exercise, dishes, 10 phone calls by 10am, and whatever your daily priorities are.  I know a very successful woman who include “get dressed” on her list so she can cross it off and declare success in the early morning.  For those of us who love to cross things off our to-do list, this is a great idea.

5.     Carve out time to meditate every day.  For some, this is praying, and for others it will be putting on quiet music while getting quiet and allowing good feelings to wash over them (I love "relaxation" on my SkyFM app), although not quite as effective, a walk or run (especially if you can get up close and personal with nature). 

There are more great ideas out there, but these are the basics that I have found most powerful for me.  Feel free to post your best advice for systems and schedules.  Let's all help each other be all we can be.

Must run - my list is calling!



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