Stop thinking about what other people are thinking about you because they're probably not thinking that at all!  What anyone else thinks about you is none of your business.  

True, but...

It is also very important to be aware of how our actions interact with the lives of others.

While it can provoke insanity to try to live your life around what you perceive everyone else's thoughts to be, you also need to take responsibility for your part of every interaction.  You can't take responsibility for someone else's reaction, but you must be aware how your actions can influence their world.  

Undiluted focus in conversation is powerful for relationship building.  Kind words and deeds land differently than the unkind.  Cheerful smiles change everything.  The impact of cruelty can last a lifetime.

While you can't alter anyone else's perception or interpretation of your actions, you can choose to make your life as authentic and positive as possible.  That can be your greatest contribution to this world.

Carry on!


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