My friend and I are organizing a networking group.  This morning was a fabulous example of, "You just never know who you will meet, so get out there!"

Networking groups are mutually powerful.  It is expected that each participant will contribute referrals where possible to other people in the group, and that they can expect the same in kind.  It was delightful to watch in our small and growing group, how powerful this connectivity can be.  I'm excited to see where we will all help each other to grow!

As my Mary Kay Sales Director used to say, "See the people, see the people, see the people."  Business at a personal level is so much warmer than the internet.  We develop relationships, solid friendships, and connections we otherwise would never have.  In networking we tap into the six degrees of separation - me to yours and you to mine.  "I know a guy who does that!  I'll introduce you!"

In an age where people hide behind computers, texting, tweeting and various social media, it is a delight to get back to the old fashioned social media of face to face; smile to smile; person to person.



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