There are two important lessons I've learned about stuff.  

  1. Take care of what you have.
  2. Stuff is just stuff.  It isn't as important as people.

The second one is tougher to put into practice.  Letting go of stuff can be emotionally challenging.  We take care of our stuff.   The reason we have much of it is because it has some meaning to us.  There are times when we truly need to let go in order to make space for other priorities in our lives.  

A fancy car is not so important.  Really what we need is something that get us from Point A to Point B.  That could be an inexpensive vehicle or public transit.  

A fancy cottage is not so important.  Really what we need is time shared together with family and friends.  We can do things together by renting a cottage, going on a trip or having a tent-out in a back yard.

A fancy home is not so important.  Really what we need is space to get together and share love.  In some cultures a home is a single family dwelling; in others there will be generational families sharing space.  Economic need and social norm can over-power expectation.  

Adjust your stuff.  Keep your relationships.  Never allow the 'stuff' to be more important.  In years to come, it is the laughter, hugs, trials and victories shared that create the most powerful impact in life.  Those are the memories I want to build for my elderly years.  I don't need 'stuff' for that.

Letting it go



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