Sometimes it's really hard to let go of something or someone you have strong attachment to. 

 Memories build in places.  The turbulent emotions which often go with selling a home or beloved place can be tough.  Same with relationships ending through breakdown or death of a loved one.  We build so much of our lives around the people we love that a place in our hearts and in our lives feels empty and broken without them.

The challenge then is to find peace again.  When you let go of everything you can gain everything.

That's a challenge.  For most of us it's a challenge.  Or so it would seem.  And yet... The enlightened and most peaceful people who have walked this earth have been so at peace with little or no possessions.  Uncluttered with "stuff", their lives were filled with love instead.

Today I'm practicing release.  Letting go...  Letting go...



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