Do you ever get discouraged?  I certainly do.  I'm in awe of those who seem to never feel discouragement,

 and who therefore seem single minded about pursuing their goals.  I for one, falter from time to time.  

What helps keep you positively focussed and on track?  What do you do when discouragement creeps in and threatens to derail you?

In coaching over the years, I've been taught to post my goals.  It isn't enough for me to simply post the goal.  For me, there's a second, incredibly powerful component.  You see, attaining my goal feels selfish to me.  If achievement is about me, I will trip myself every time.  I have lots of examples but truly you don't need the sordid details. 

The power for me is in the answer to the question, "Why?"  Why do you want to achieve that goal?  What will keep you passionately persistent in the pursuit of your goal?

I can't do anything powerfully unless there's a “good” reason.  I can't promote a product or service unless I truly feel it will benefit the recipient.  For me, there must be a powerful "good" reason to achieve my goal.

My husband's company helps people to ascertain whether they will go blind from Advanced Macular Degeneration.  It's a simple genetic test through a cheek swab.  Like any other company they have growing pains and he gets frustrated with the challenging process they are going through.  BUT!  When he looks away from the mountains they are climbing to succeed, and he looks at how they are helping thousands of people to keep their sight (the “why”), the excitement flows back into his veins and he has the energy to take up the quest again.

For me, it is about doing the right thing for people, so they have the education to make choices about protecting themselves and their families financially.  I don't want ANYONE to go through the financial challenge I had when there wasn't enough life insurance after my first husband suddenly died and our son was 10 years old.  Raising a child costs money.  That's reality.  I also don't want others to go through what my current husband went through as he battled with finances during and after the cancer battle his wife went through.  He was left to raise two young children.   When you have a lifestyle built on 2 incomes, it's heart-breaking to need to downsize to one during a grieving process.

Did you know that 49% of mortgages default because of disability?  Coverage through work isn’t enough for most people who live their lives paycheque to paycheque.  We don’t have the reserves to live on our disability income – so people lose their homes.  That’s so wrong… and so preventable. That’s a powerful “why” for me.

What's your "why"?  

Post your goal - and tie that in to your "why".  Post it on the bathroom mirror, or by your bedside.  Post it where you will see it often so it helps to remind you and keep you focussed.

Back on trackjulie 


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