For years I suffered from "girl problems" of a medical nature.  It was draining and painful.  

 Two failed minor surgeries and lots of inconvenient suffering later, I underwent a hysterectomy.  

A high-school friend of mine posted her medical challenge on social media today.  Torn knee ligaments and twice-surgeried root canal - she's heading back into surgeries for both ailments.  

It's easy to slip into moments of depression when you're in pain and you know surgery and a long recovery is imminent.

There were times during the process that I started slipping into feeling sorry for myself.  One day, a really great perspective dawned on me.  All of this was uncomfortable and was interfering with my life, but I kept telling myself this: "It's just an inconvenience; it's not going to kill me."

Too many times we slip into a pity party while others fight for their lives from the cancer beast.  My issue was something that could eventually be fixed, as can my friend's.  I've lost friends to cancer.  I have a friend struggling with a steady physical decline due to MS.

Those challenged to overcome debilitating injury or illness; those challenged to survive life-threatening illness are often shining examples of positive perspective over adversity.  Who am I to feel sorry for myself over an inconvenience and a recovery process that takes time and personal effort?  

Perspective is everything!

Chins up!


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