We have been watching American Idol this season, and it's been an impressive experience.  I'm not a big fan of wasting time in front of the television,

 but some evenings it's great to just kick back after a very long day and hear some great voices.  I love music.

I'm enthralled by the process.  People with singing talent far greater than mine get to compete for a position on the show.  Once there, each performance given is critiqued by 3 powerhouse music judges: this year - Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr.   They provide insightful feedback prior to Americans voting for their favourites.

Contestants have a choice as to how they react.  They can be offended and decide that they really do know what they want to do as an artist or musician, or they can take in the ideas presented to them by people who have experienced success in their chosen field, and try to work those concepts into what they do.

We have watched incredible growth in stage presence, in vocal presentation and even in overall style.  The finalists have chosen to grow through appreciation for the thoughts offered.

We too can do the same.  Seek out the opinions of those who succeed in the arena in which you want to perform.  Take their opinions and decide what works for you.  Implement some, discard some.  Never take offense.  It's all valuable.

And we're off!



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