In a world where we are bombarded all day by social media, and often our work lives spill into our home lives, a day off can become a day "almost-off".  Take your day!

In days not too long past, businesses were closed on Sundays.  I remember as a child, coming home from my grandparents house and knowing that we had to be careful to prepare with a full tank of gas and sandwiches for the trip because few gas stations and not all restaurants were open on Sundays.  When I was in my university days, legislation was introduced to allow all businesses to open on Sundays.  Not to worry if you were a Sunday church-goer - no employer would ever be allowed to discriminate if you wished to not work Sundays.   Yeah, right!  Like THAT lasted!

So, Sunday is not everyone's day of rest.  That's not the way of our world anymore.  Okay, but we all still need "a day of rest".  We need a day of downtime - away from the thoughts of our "jobs", away from shopping and work around the house.  People used to fit it all in during the week.  Why not now?  Because there's more to do?  Ahhhhhhh, only if we allow that.

Our best weeks are the ones that begin after a day of rest.  Find a way to do all the "need-to-do" list in 6 days, and on day 7 do the relaxing things.  Go out in the great outdoors and hike in the bush, go to the beach (if we ever get warm weather again), dig out your craft box and get creative...

Try it.  Try it once.  Try it once a week for a couple of months until it becomes a routine.  You'll probably find you're more efficient during the week because you take that 7th day off.

What a concept!




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