Sometimes you can really benefit from a morning in pyjamas!

This Saturday morning I woke up from a not very great night of sleep.  I feel emotional and hormonal.  I sat on the couch enjoying coffee with Jim and almost burst into tears for absolutely no reason other than perhaps the poor sleep and maybe hormones.  There wasn't even a sappy cartoon or commercial on TV - which often have me choked up.  Pathetic really.  It's a good thing Jim finds it endearing.

Rather than forcing myself to go cycling, I decided to have a PJ morning curled up on the couch with the cats, in front of home cooking shows.  Michael Smith, Rachel Ray, Gordon Ramsay... now I just want to cook all day!

This was a treat.  I don't like to waste time watching other people making money doing what they love.  I want to do what I love - which sometimes means I'm making money and sometimes means I'm enjoying the other active things I enjoy doing.  Still, sometimes I need a bit of chill downtime.  The secret is to set a time limit.  A short time later, (okay this morning it's a couple of hours), reality awaits, and now I'm ready to dive back in.

to your emotional health


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