You've got to have a plan.  

Here's the thing though - don't get too attached to everything going according to your plan.  

It won't.  


It might go even better.  It might not.  Either way, there will be changes.  We simply cannot control all aspects of life.  Someone else will buy the thing you had your heart set on.  The one you love may leave.  There will be changes which seem terrible at the time but turn out to be better than if you'd had your way.  It might just feel like life keeps going sideways.

Shakespeare told us that all the world is a stage.  What he didn't tell us was that the script could change at any time - without notice.  

Script changes may include:

- change in scene

- change in characters

- change in wardrobe

- new episodes

- new seasons

- etcetera.  (Oh yes, even etcetera....)


So, why bother to have a plan?  How do we cope with the challenge of externally induced change?

You need to know where you're trying to go - otherwise you won't seek the destination, nor will you know when/if you get there.  There would be no reason to not sit still if there wasn't a plan for success.

Perhaps there is also wisdom in the old adage that it's not about the destination.  There truly is joy in the journey when you choose it.  

I get lost regularly.  I have a great GPS but even it didn't know the on-ramp to the highway was closed this morning.  Tenaciously, it kept trying to turn me back to the route it saw as the only option.  I saw places and people I didn't expect to see.  Rather than choosing stress and frustration, I opted (eventually) to enjoy the returned smile of a child, to be entertained by the university students dashing to class without coats (on a -5c windy day), and to follow the road until a new route emerged on my GPS.

I know that's a micro example of what can go wrong.  Jobs are lost, mistakes are made, savings are stolen, people get sick, tsunamis wipe out communities.  Lives get turned upside down.  You can't change what you can't change.  

Spiritually enlightened teachers show us it is possible to hold peace amidst chaos.   I guess that's really the point here.  There will be script changes - things you can't foresee or control, but what you can control (with practice) is your emotional reaction to them.  

Peace feels much better than panic. 

How different would your day... your week... your life be, if you found the way to let go of the fears, frustrations and panic, and found a way to hold on to a feeling of peace?

Breathe deeply.  Meditate.  Pray.  Walk.  Run.  Find what works for you, and go there frequently.

Truly, we think more clearly when we feel peaceful.  We treat ourselves and others better when we operate from peace and happiness. I drive better...

Again, peace feels much better than panic.

To your peace



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