You have to start somewhere!
I have started a goodly number of things lately:  Fitness, healthier eating habits, and I finally starting doing something with this site.  
One of the cool things about starting, is that it can 
happen at any time!  Choose a direction, commit to it, and start.  If you decide along the way that this is definitely not the right direction for you, choose one that fits better, and ...start!
We participated in a delightful run this past weekend called "Chase the Coyote".  It was my first organized trail run, and only my second organized run.  (I will be 53 this month - a late starter, but a starter nonetheless.)  It was 5.7k through a beautiful treed landscape.  I loved it! It was misty, a bit breezy and cool that morning. Once running, it was lovely.  I didn't place, wasn't in the top third or the bottom third of the pack, but respectably finished in the middle third...without tripping over my feet or tree roots.  Perfect!
Running a trail event provides safety while allowing for the sanctuary of time alone in the woods.   I like to know help is near if I need it.  The air quality is much better than the big city I live in.   Nature's sounds are better than the city, and the rhythmic beat of my feet on the soft earth as I conquered my route reminded me that I had not only started; I was in motion.  I had truly started to look after me, and the results were feeling good.  
Everyone must run their own race at their own pace; the first step is the start.  Success is in motion.  Momentum feels good. 
Chose your path, your direction, your race.  Delight in your choice, then ...start!
to your success!
p.s.  No coyotes were harmed... Or even present. LOL

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