So often I hear that someone deserves success, or fame, or wealth, or even for something totally rotten to happen to them. 

What I have observed is that there isn't any consistency in

people getting what they deserve.  People who do destructive things seem to live long lives unscathed by tragedy, while wonderful, loving contributors to making the world a happier place suffer cancer or tragic loss.  Sometimes the "karmic wheel" seems to come full circle for the "deserved" but that seems rare.  Stuff happens. Life happens. 

My truth is that I choose the attitude to deal with what I get.   You do too.

It isn't always easy to have a positive attitude.  If you know me, you know I have experienced some difficult challenges in my life. I've had some very dark days. (My attitude isn't always exemplary either.)  Things always started to feel better when I grabbed the reins and started to steer by a better attitude.  That didn't mean my marriage was suddenly great (it dissolved), it didn't mean my career soared (it didn't); but it meant I started to look at things differently.  

And yes, challenge builds character.  Trust me, I have built quite enough character, thank you! If my life takes another spin please don't tell me that again. Don't tell other people either, until they're well and truly back on track. At that point the phrase becomes humorous and encouraging.  The dark tunnel of doom is not the right time to share this wisdom.  

My friend Sharon asked me once what my life story was called.  I didn't give it a very positive title that day.  (Today my story is of love.)

Attitude determines whether we look for the happy moments or the bad stuff.  It's a beautiful sunny day, or it's too stinking hot. Right? Lemonade anyone?

Attitude determines if we are on the highway with a bunch of idiots, or if we relax and just drive defensively.  A lot of people in this world aren't happy. Don't add yourself to that number on the road.  

Attitude determines life.  Victor Fankl, a prisoner in a POW  camp during WWII, said his captors could take away everything except the prisoners' attitudes.  Of significance, is that attitude often determined the difference between life and death.   Were they there because they got what they deserved? No.  They got what'd they got - and my life experience has certainly been better than that even during the darkest times. I can choose a positive attitude.

it is important to understand that a positive attitude doesn't always generate the desired outcome, but it sure can make the journey happier, more peace filled, and, well, I'm sue you can fill in a few more. 

to your happiness




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