Nor can you unscramble eggs.

What if we lived completely in the "now"?  There would be no regrets, no long held grudges, and no retaliatory wars.  

Impossible?  No.  A small tribe in Brazil, the Pirahã, live without notion of history, no numbers, no descriptive words and no subordinate clauses.  When asked, they will tell you “Everything is the same, things always are.”

It is a concept difficult to comprehend in our way of life, but good to know that it is possible.  Even if we can take a basic principle of “live here and now” into our daily living, we could live differently, more positively. 

What if you decided not to live in regret for what you haven’t done or said; nor would you live in regret for what you have done and said.  What if?  What if you could still take who you are today and make the best of today? 

Delight in now.  This very minute, delight in the sun in the sky and the warmth of the day.  Delight in the snow on the ground or the rain.  Delight in the work you do – whether volunteer, housework or a paying gig.  Delight in the people around you at work, at home or on the transit system.  Delight that you are alive and have opportunity to do something with that.

Regrets weigh you down.  Let go of them.  Learn from them, (because we do live with a sense of time, unlike the Pirahã), and use them to move forward in a positive way.  You can’t back the clock up five minutes, a day, or years to change what has happened in the past, but you can absolutely make your life better from this moment forward by truly living each moment.

“All experience is anchored in the presence.” – Everett (has extensively studied their way of life)

There is no place like here; there is no time like now.


Live it!



There is of course a balance.  The wise learn from history - the trials, perceived failures and the triumphs.

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