This morning en route to a client appointment, I was listening with immense respect to a woman being interviewed on the CBC.

Kasha lives in Uganda, where a new law makes being gay against the law and 

punishable by imprisonment for life. She vociferously stand up for the rights and freedoms of the LGBT community.  

A national newspaper has published names and pictures of 200 people who to that point had not "come out".  One friend had already been evicted from his apartment. A gay couple were attacked one the street - one killed, the other is in critical condition in hospital. 

Has she considered leaving Uganda?  No. Kasha loves her country, and says it is the most beautiful place in the world.  Will the LGBT community ever enjoy the freedom there that they have in Canada?  She doesn't expect she will live to see that day, but won't be silenced. Kasha says she is honoured to be part of the voice that one day will create that freedom. 

Last week in Sochi, the outspoken "Pussy Riot" were detained, publicly whipped and then strangely silent.  They fearlessly stand up for the right to enjoy the freedom to be who they are. I do not share their situation, but what is happening to them is happening to us all in some way. I respect their dignity and their courage to stand up. 

Now that is passion!

humbly and with great respect,


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