We moved today!  What a crazy day. -28 with the wind chill.  Snow squalls. Accidents on all the northbound routes - the 400 (our main highway 

between Toronto and Barrie) had a 96 car pileup at 9:00 this morning. It is now 7pm and they're just opening the highway.  We took another route. 

We left our old place in immaculate condition. All floors mopped and cupboards wiped out. Bathrooms are left cleaner than when we lived there.  

Why is it we leave everywhere that clean and then have to clean at the other end of the move as well?  Somewhere there is a disconnect an there are people leaving places filthy while moving into clean.  Really, it is such basic etiquette.   Do unto others right?  A few weeks ago my son moved into a place where the last tenants left furniture and filth behind.  Who really thinks that is okay?

As in everything else, treat others the way you would like to be treated.  

And, wow! In the midst of this crazy storm, the delivery guys from Sears have just shown up with our freezer. Now, that is impressive!

movin on...


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