My home room teacher Jack LeSage, used to have a poster that read "The hurrieder I go, the behinder I get."  Bad grammar but great logic!  It must 

be - Over 30 years later, I still often remind myself of that wisdom.

Yesterday there was a 96 car pileup on the main highway. Every highway and many of the side roads had smaller accidents but significant delays nonetheless.  

Rushing will often mean we drive faster than we should, which causes problems - not just for ourselves, but others too.  For people yesterday, that highway didn't reopen for 12 hours and a lot of people are without cars for a bit. I don't think there are that many rental cars immediately available, for example.  I heard it took 4 hours after the chaos, to make that normally 1 hour commute home. Whew!

It feels better to be patient.  

Let's be patient with ourselves, and remember it is better to arrive safely even if a bit late. (Sometimes leaving early doesn't mean you'll get there on time either. Stuff happens.)   Leave early, give yourself lots of cushion between you and the driver ahead of you. Don't drive in their back seat. Slow down and drive safely!

Let's be patient with each other on the road. We are far more sensible drivers when sensitive to each other's needs.  Everybody wants to get there. Nobody comes in first or last. This is not the Indy - we are just all trying to get there on time. 

Lets be patient with each other at work too. If a coworker is late due to weather, cut them some slack.  You don't want to do both jobs if they're in hospital.  Be glad they arrive 20 minutes late instead of 20 days late. 



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