Today is my son's driving test. Being a procrastinator, not unlike his mom, he left coordinating the test a bit too long.  As a result, we are at the driver

 examination centre the day before his permit expires. 

I'm nervous for him. He is a very competent driver, but the last minute nature of the situation makes me edgy. Things go wrong when we do them at the last minute. We get jammed for time and the universe seems to know.  Storms hit.  Cars decide not to start.  The usual mayhem that happens on days we run late.  I trust him, but I know there are wickedly bad drivers out there. I hope they are all far away from him today. 

Yes, he is an adult and very mature for me to worry like this. To put it in perspective though, my 80 year old mother tried to talk me out of driving here today because she worried about me being on nasty roads. I'm 53. Once a parent, always a parent. ...Apparently. 

Here is is. Smiling and thrums up. He passed. Yay!



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